Find your happy


In the last few weeks I’ve gotten this question from three separate people, how do you stay so positive? I thought this was kinda funny because I really don’t consider myself crazy positive but I do try to always see the best in people and see the best in situations.  I truly believe that you need to find what makes you happy and healthy first, before you can love on other people. For a long time I thought that it was things or people that would/could make me happy.  It took a lot of self-realization to recognize that no one can make me happy.. but myself! We choose happy and we choose how we interact with people around us. No matter what I’m going through, I try really hard to not bring stress/hostility to my relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and strangers.  Below I have shared some things that keep me in a positive mind-set.

  1. Something that always makes me feel better is working out. I try to work out 5 days a week and I like to mix up my workouts to keep it exciting.  For cardio I like getting outside and going for a run. A 5k is really only half an hour so no excuses.We can all find a spare 30 minutes in a day. Spin classes – I used to HATE these, like really hate them. I’d do one in 6 months and be done for another year haha. But when I moved to Toronto I was introduced to Soulcycle by a good friend of mine. Since then I’ve tried a few studios around town and I really have been loving Spinco. I was riding the other day and trying to pinpoint why I love it so much and I think its because I did synchronized skating for basically my whole life until 2 years ago, and it’s the same vibe. Mainly girls, dancing, and getting a good sweat on. This week I’ve been on a Barre tour around town and have been really loving that. I’m going to talk about my favourites from classpass in a future post. I also do arms/abs/legs workouts from BBG. I always try to challenge myself!
  2. I try to start my day on a high note. When I walk to work in the mornings I’m usually so tired but I play a upbeat song. This week I’ve been playing ‘Not a Love Song’ by bulow and “I like me better” by Lauv. They both just makes me want to dance! By the time I’m at work I’m usually ready to own the day.
  3. Make time for the people that are most important to you, and call people! I am a big phone chatter. I love catching up with my family and friends who I never see over the phone. It’s so important to be present for people who you don’t see often.
  4. Planing dates with friends and Josh are so fun for me. I love scoping new places out to try. I’m always looking for the best tapas resturants, smoothie bars, and coffee shops. I am a huge foodie so I am always on the hunt for good food in the city. Recommendations are deficiently welcome!
  5. Hanging out with Josh is obviously one of the things that makes me most happy but we don’t see each other a ton because we live in different cities. I think something that keeps our relationship healthy is that we have fun together. We are laugh a lot and seem to always be on the same brain wave. Oh, and we have dance parties.
  6. In the last few months I have gone through such a transition. I have started a new job, moved to a new city, etc.  I have met so many new amazing people. I think it’s important to look up to your friends, and surround yourself with people who make you want to better yourself. I think were all old enough to know what friends are good for us and which ones are not. Find your tribe & love them hard! 
  7. Self Care Everyday! Eat, sleep, drink, etc. I try to make sure I have 8 hours of sleep every night because I know how much better I feel when I am well rested. I drink water like a crazy person. I always have a water bottle with me, and aim for at least 3L a day. If your not a huge water person try adding some lemon, lime, cucumber, and/or mint to your water. You will feel the difference, trust me!!! Your body will love you.
  8. And Finally, what contributes most to your happiness is having confidence in yourself and who you are. Not caring what people think and just doing you!!!

positivity is contagious. be the reason someone had a good day. lift people up around you. and most off all, OWN you day. You are your own cheerleader!

Thats all for now, hope everyone has a great week!

XO Christine


One thought on “Find your happy

  1. jessofearth says:

    Such a lovely post! It is so awesome that you have found large and small ways to make yourself happy. I particularly love the idea of starting your mornings with upbeat music and have been trying to incorporate some good bops into my morning routine as well:) Have a great day!


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