Ok this is a long post… Lets talk about beautiful Thailand! Thailand had been on my list of IMG_5988places to visit for about 6 years. I remember being in first year and looking at photos and thinking how much I wanted to go. I was hoping to go after my undergrad but never did because it seemed too far, too unfamiliar and I was nervous. After I let two more years go by, I realized that if I waited any longer life would become too busy and I probably would never go. I remember  booking this trip on a whim, I was studying for my nursing exam and really did not have much time to organize or plan. I actually loved doing this trip ‘unplanned’ because it  allowed everything to fall into place. I think sometimes not planning is the best plan, because then your trip is flexible and leads you to places you may not expect.

Josh and I ended up going to Thailand for about 10 days. We flew into Bangkok and stayed one night at a really pretty hotel with an outdoor pool/oasis. There are a ton of cheap options just outside the city centre that are less busy. We took our first day to decide what islands we wanted to go to. We wanted to pick our destinations based on the weather so we didn’t plan before hand. We decided to first go to Koh Phi Phi because (like everyone knows), it is the place to go if you are in Thailand. You can take buses down there but they take all day. We compared prices and for about 20$ more we could fly down, make sure you check cheap websites like or even look in google to find the best price!  I think our flights ended up being around 50$ each which we were totally fine with.


Koh Phi Phi

We flew into Krabi, stayed there for a night at Pak-Up Hostel. Pak Up was perfect for what we needed for one night, it was clean, comfortable and well priced, the bunks were also super big which is always a bonus. We got dinner that night at one of the cute restaurants along the street then headed down to the water where there was a market with food/art/music etc. It was a super nice board walk where everyone seemed to gather in the evening. It was a perfect night just to relax among all the travelling. The next morning we headed for Koh Phi Phi, we bought our tickets for the boat from the hostel. This is something that I loved about Asia in general, the hostels/hotels are so accommodating in helping you plan your next destination. Josh was the one completely in charge of Koh Phi Phi accommodations and I have to say he booked such a nice place! We stayed at Bayview resort, where we had our own villa overlooking the water. It was so pretty! I think if you are a couple travelling I’d spend the extra money and stay in a comfortable private villa. I’m pretty sure each villa has a balcony which feels like your own private oasis. Its so nice to have your own space among a crazy busy island. I loved Koh Phi Phi because you can walk the whole island which is what we did each day. We did a day excursion off the island which brought us to monkey beach, Maya Bay, shark point and then we watched the sunset on the boat. I would definitely recommend doing a day trip like this because its the best way to see all the surrounding highlights!

Koh Tao

To get to Koh Tao from Koh Phi Phi we took an all day bus and it literally was all day. It was hot, uncomfortable and sticky so if I was to do it again I’d probably fly haha. We got to Koh Tao and we absolutely fell in love. The vibe was so relaxing, it was way less crowded, and it was much CLEANER than any other place in Thailand. We ended up loving it so much that we stayed for 7 nights. We stayed at a few different locations hotels/hostels, some were a bit pricier than others but when you compare it to other destinations you really are not paying much for what you get. My favourites were the Aminjirah Resort Koh Tao. This place reminded me of Santorini, it was right on the edge overlooking the water. It had two infinity pools and was so beautiful. All the photos below of a pool and/or view are from that hotel. Another favourite of mine was the Sairee View Whale resort. They also have a infinity pool overlooking the ocean and it is a bit remote on the north part of the island. Both of these hotels are on the north end of the island away from the beach strip, so you do need a way to get into the town, either by scooter which you can rent or by the hotel shuttle service. We also stayed down by the beach which was convient, but the places aren’t as nice.

Things we did in Koh Tao

  1. We took a day trip to Nang Yuan Island. This is right near Koh Tao. There are taxi boats along the beach on the main island that can take you here. You pay your driver in the morning to take you over and then they will come pick you up at a given time. The day we went here was so HOT! Josh and I were both literally melting which you can tell from the photos haha. We stayed in the water the whole time to avoid heat stoke haha. The water was so gorgeous!
  2. We did our diving certification. Josh had always really wanted to do this so we did it! It does take about 3 days to complete but it was so worth it!! Diving here was so beautiful and such a surreal experience. I think what I love most about it is you truly are 100% disconnected from life. You can be present and just enjoy. We did ours with Ban’s Diving school, and the price is definitely right and cheapest you can do it.
  3. We spent most mornings eating at different cute cafes along the beach. The fresh fruit and iced coffees where something I looked forward to every day. Some of my favourites were Coconut Monkey, In Touch Resturant (for dinner),  Indie Cafe, and New Heaven Cafe.

I also included pictures from Wat Pho in Bangkok which was my favourite temple/thing to do. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post! If you have any questions about anything we did please let me know! 🙂 I hope if you decide to travel Thailand & I hope this this post helps you out! You really can’t go wrong with beaches, warm weather and good company.

XO Christine

Beautiful Koh Phi Phi ^



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