If you are heading to Maui get ready for one of the most magical places on earth. I have been twice, and I swear each time it gets better. This past year was super special because my whole family got to go and my boyfriend. It was so great being able to spend so much time adventuring with the people I love!

Both times we have gone we have stayed in Kaanapali, which I think it’s the best place to stay because it’s so close to everything.IMG_1212



Things To Do

  • Kanapali Beach/Whaler’s Village
    • If you are heading to Maui, you most definitely need to head over to Whaler’s Village. There are outdoor shopping boutiques and fun restaurants. My favourite acai bowl is at Vintage Coffee Co which is on the bottom level of the outdoor shops. It is seriously so good and you may become slightly addicted. Unfortunately, you  have to pay for parking at this beach but if you get something in the village you get 3 hours free! So.. if you get a acai bowl and go to the beach, your parking is paid for 😉 (winning!) Most days,  Josh and I would start our morning by getting an acai bowl and then going to the beach and hanging out for a few hours!
    • To get to the beach you have to walk through the village. In my opinion the Kaanapali beach is one of the best in Maui. It is definitely super busy but there is room to find your own quiet spot. You can set up camp anywhere along the beach and swim which is so nice. If your lucky enough, you will see some wildlife from the shore. While we were there we could see dolphins playing with kayakers from the shore. So cool!
    • If you walk to the end of the boardwalk you arrive at Black Rock Beach. It is essentially a cove, and you will see a ton of people jumping off the rock or snorkelling. If you go out and around the rock with your snorkel stuff you will absolutely see turtles swimming. They are so cute!! Bring a floaty if you need, because it is a bit of a swim to get around to the other side of the rocks.IMG_1444IMG_1548IMG_0966IMG_1305IMG_1597



Lahaina is about a 10-15 minute drive from Kaanapali and it’s a cute little beach town with a ton of shops. My all time fav gelato place is also in Lahaina and it’s called ONO Gelato. It’s so good and they have a super cute back porch that is on the ocean. Definitely went there a few too many times. There is also tons of live music in Lahaina and an art show every Saturday. It’s super fun to look in the little shops and there is a pretty board walk which is really nice to take photos.



Big Beach/Wailae

Big Beach is alllll the way on the south of the island but truly is a gorgeous remote beach. We went there twice and it is much less busy than Whaler’s Village. It stretches so long and really reminds me of the Australian Gold Coast. It is hot because there really isn’t much shade, so bring lots of water and a hat. It is attached to Little Beach which we tried to get to but sorta failed. I think you have to climb over rocks at one end of the beach but we never got there. If you figure it out, let me know!




Molokini Crater

This is a crater out of the south end of the island. There are a lot of trips that go to it to snorkel. We did a day trip with the company Quicksilver.  You just go to the crater, snorkel around and the boat provides everything – food, water, drinks! There is so much underwater life, it was so beautiful!! Another great place near the crater to snorkel is turtle point, just like the name suggests there are a ton of turtles everywhere! If you have time I would say 100% do some snorkelling while you are in Maui!


Haleakala Summit

Is it just me or does anyone else like getting up early on vacation? I am definitely the type of person that would rather get up early and explore then lay in bed all day. If this sounds like you and you’re up for a early morning you need to head to the Haleakala Summit.  This is a volcano in the middle of the island which people go and watch the sunrise at. We did this two years ago at sunrise and it was beautiful! We went again this past year and unfortunalty it was so cloudy we couldn’t see anything :(. It was also super cold, so bring your rain jacket and pants to the top! ALSO, you have to reserve a space a few days in advance for your car. You can look up the national park online and register there. And just a warning it is an extremely steep/windy road,  so leave yourself enough time to get to the top.


Road to Hana – beautiful!!!!!

Okay, so this is most certainly a day trip and prepare yourself. Fuel up on gas, pack snacks, water++, camera, bathing suit, good shoes, etc. So road to Hana is basically a road that goes to a town called Hana. It’s along the water on the most steep/windy/scary road so you want to leave yourself enough time to get all the way there and finish it and also have time to come back in the day light because you will die driving in the dark, lol.  Every time we do it we always think we leave early enough but we don’t, so make sure you leave around 8 latest. There will be so many cars along the way. I would suggest getting a map and circling these location down below because they wont pop up on google maps. That’s what I did and to be honest some things you will miss. But it’s beautiful the whole way nonetheless


  1. Twin Falls – about a 20 minute walk in.
  2. Coconut Glens – you will see it. It’s a dairy free ice cream hut – and it’s SO GOOD!
  3. Upper Waikani Falls
  4. Wai’anapanpa State Park (black sand beach)
  5. Wailua Falls
  6. Haleakala National Park – Seven Sacred Pools
  7. Pipiwai Trail – Haleakala Nation Park – Bamboo Forrest – this is the best!! It’s the last stop. It’s about a hour hike in and hour out. Make sure you make time for this at the end. It was incredible! And at the end there is a gorgeous waterfall that is massive. You can go past the no trespassing sign and go right under the waterfall.




Thanks for reading this post. I hope if you are heading to Maui that you have the best time!! Let me know if this post was helpful. Thanks for stopping by!




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