IMG_4607-2Bali is definitely one of my favourite spots that I have been to. There is so much amazing (fresh!) food, yoga, beaches, sun, and great vibes. As much as I absolutely love the beach, I think my favourite thing about Bali was the FOOD. I swear the whole time that I was there I was only eating Avocado toast and acai/smoothie bowls! I was only in Bali for a short ten days but was able to see lots. I started off in Seminyak and stayed at a hostel/hotel because I was there on my own for the first few nights. Below I have listed the accommodations I stayed at and lots of places I ate. I hope you enjoy!!

Seminyak AccommodationsUmahu Seminyak

This place was without a doubt a great high end hostel. It was clean, staff were friendly, beautiful bathrooms, secure, most delicious mango smoothie bowl for breakfast, and also had a really cute pool surrounded by trees. Perfect for the days you just want to read a book without venturing all the way to the beach. The staff also helped be book a shuttle to the port which was super nice and convenient. I am a huge walker so I got around by walking to the beach, main strip, etc. I would highly recommend this location if you are traveling alone or with a friend! It is budget friendly which is great.

other places I stayed: Ramanda Encore Bali

I really enjoyed staying at the Ramanda Encore as well. It was so nice having my own upgraded room. The pool was beautiful and they have really cute performers at night. The only thing I didnt love was that it was quite  far from restaurants/things to do. They also don’t have a ton of healthy options on their menu :(. However, it was clean and with the price you definitely can’t go wrong!

Things to do/where to eat in the Seminyak area

  • Nalu Bowls – Okay so this place was so delicious. I ate here pretty much every day. When I find a good place sometimes I just stick with it haha. I had the Uluwatu bowl and it was everything my dreams are made of and more. There is a cute restaurant above called ‘Shelter’ which you can order from as well.  I tried their avocado toast (obviously) and also their ice coffees, which were to die for! One day I just sat up in the cafe and wrote in my journal. It is such a nice vibe ~ this place I 100% recommend.
  • Other things I did in Seminyak was go to the beach, which you can walk to from the hostel I listed above. On most days of the week they also have a fun market in the Seminyak Square,  there is really cute dresses, jewelry, and everything boho. There are also a ton of shops and local stores. I got a beautiful hand-crafted dream-catcher for $10 CAD, such a steal. Other places I enjoyed eating were revolver espresso, and sister fields (have to give credit to my girlfriend @nellaunatural for these recommendations for food!)





Okay, so technically Gili Air is not apart of Bali, its apart of Lombok. BUT this island is everything, beautiful crystal clean blue water. It is an escape, a cute getaway, a healthy adventure and so much more. I met up with one of my good friends @nellaunatural and I think our goals were basically the same: find all the most delicious restaurants, the most beautiful beaches and RELAX!

We stayed at this cute Air B&B that was remote, and surrounded by palm trees. I recommend getting an Air B&B for Gili Air. There are a ton of cute huts around the island.  There are no cars on this island, so everyone either gets around by foot or by bike. We opted for walking, because biking in the sand is too much of a challenge, however we did try and had an epic fail.

Places we ate:

  • Pachamama – this place has the freshest smoothies, green bowls, salads, and the environment is so cute. They also have a cute shop downstairs!
  • Captain Coconuts – this place is actually a hotel which you can stay at, unfortunately it was booked up when we went but that didn’t stop us from going there for breakfast.. more than once! Their Troppo bowl is amazing, smashed avocado, and also the apple pie oats!
  • Gili Bliss – also an amazing place to get morning smoothie bowl or smashed avo. It has a cute rooftop patio that was a perfect way to start your morning. They also had a charcoal bun veggie burger which was incredible! The ladies here are so kind and accommodating. I loved their excellent service.

Beaches/Things to do

  • Scallywags beach is so nice. We loved walking along here – I believe this is where the swings are!! (P.S if you look up gili swings in google maps it should come up!)
  • Gili Lambung was a really nice beach as well.
  • I also am a (newly) certified diver so I did a dive with 7SEAS diving. It was so relaxing with everything taken care of. I would recommend them to anyone looking to dive in Gili Air!
  • We had a super cute date night and watched EAT.PRAY.LOVE on the beach. They put it up on a screen and had bean bag chairs. Definitely look at the billboards when you are there to see if there are any cute events like this happening!

I hope you love these locations as much as I did! These are some of the highlights from my trip to Bali and Gili Air. You won’t leave disappointed! Let me know if you have any questions! And as always, thank you for stopping by!





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